RH-DSP modules re-built

All my DSP modules have been re-built.
The old RH-DSP-SDK3.sem file can be removed (or backupped), all are in the new RH-DSP.sem

– Had to leave the biquad module in the old coding style, I don’t (yet) understand how Jeff does certain things in his filters.
– Added some extra modules.
– MAC export was a debug version, didn’t know that! Release version in zip, folder name and contents correct now.
– Credits to Andrew for the Balance module

x86, x64 and Mac release: Download


This module creates a grid for building purposes.
No more need to switch between a grid background image and final BG image to make sure everything is aligned correctly.
You can change the fore- and background colors to what you want using ARGB values.

Note: This module works up to SE 1.3, version 1.4 drops GDI+ support. A re-write of the module is required.

Update 25-5-2018: Preview version (x86 & x64) using Direct2D available at: RH-Hatch2




Three subcontrol Meter modules.

– Types: Bool, Float and Integer
– Transparancy available thru setting Alphachannel to 0.
– Additional GDI+ options: fontsize, fontstyle, padding and antialias.
– Precision in the float version means the number of digits behind the comma sign.

Available Fontstyles:
0 = FontStyleRegular
1 = FontStyleBold
2 = FontStyleItalic
3 = FontStyleBoldItalic
4 = FontStyleUnderline

Note: This module works up to SE 1.3, version 1.4 drops GDI+ support. A re-write of the module is required.



RH-Text-Append, Capitals and Substr

Subcontrol text modules for some handy string operations.

Update 25-5-2018:
– RH-Text-Append: text output works bi-directionally now, it sends the changed value back to text input one.

– RH-Text-Append combines text strings.
– RH-Text-Capitals makes capitals of the input string.
– RH-Text-Substr sends a part of a string, defined by the Offset&Length pins, to the outputpin. TextCount pin tells you howmany characters the string contains.






Download re-built DSP modules pack (x86, x64 and MAC compiled ): RH-DSP

Download GUI modules pack (x86 & x64): RH-GUI-SDK3

Note 26-3-2021: Rescale v1 in pack is faulty, please download v2 here.

These modules are compatible with Synthedit 1.1x* and up
* Blob datatype modules only for SE1.2x and up.
* GUI modules using GDI+ don’t show in the panelview (SE1.3x and up).

SDK3 Sourcecode: GUI modules
Old modules, built with SDK2:
Download(32bits): SDK2 modules
Source code: Sources

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April 16th 2019:
– Update!: RH-Text-Append: Removed spaces between combined text elements.

October 8th 2018:
– RH-Math module had a tiny mistake ( unused pin ‘Gain’ ), recompiled.

October 7th 2018:
– Update!: Finally re-built my DSP modules (added MAC compiled sem). GUI modules are next.

July 1st 2017:
– Update! There were two tiny bugs in subcontrol RH-Volts2dB, Vref input wasn’t updating dB output when tweaked and a divide by zero bug.
I recompiled all GUI mods, as they are one big file, in Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.

Januari 7th 2016:
– Update! Removed the space between text strings in my text append module.
It was also not shown on the blog, added the info.

September 19th 2015:
– Update! Biquad filter, additional options added: 8x cascade, two BPF types and “gain compensation”. See page.

September 18th 2015:
– New! 64bit GDI+ versions of my Hatch and meter modules.

August 21st 2015:
32/64 bit subcontrol download:
– New! Subcontrol Fixed value mods: Bool, Float, Int.
– New! Subcontrol Meter mods: Bool, Float, Int.
– Update! Switch modules: changed the direction of the inputs, makes more sense now.
– Update! Autodubplicating pins on the Logic AND & OR modules ( Bool and Int ).
– Removed the reverse versions of the logic gates.
– Menustructure adjustment.

Juli 5th 2015: Distortion modules had a wrong flag, removed it.
Please redownload the DSP files.

Juli 5th 2015:
– I’ve combined all my subcontrol modules into one big file, same for my DSP modules.
– The menustructure has changed, see screenshot.
– Furthermore the name of all modules are now shorter, the ID stayed the same.


RH BiQuad

BiQuad Multimode Filter module

– Types: LP, HP, BPF1 (new!), BPF2, Notch, Peak, Loshelf, Hishelf
– BPF1: peak gain = Q, BPF2: peak gain = zero.
– Cascade: up to 8x (new!)
– Freq: 20 – 20.000Hz
– Q: 0 – 10v
– PeakGain: -30dB – 30dB
– 64bit internal processing
– CPU usage (32bit): for LP 12dB about 0.17% (streaming)(Core i5-2450m).
– CPU usage (64bit): for LP 12dB about 0.70% (streaming)(Core i5-2450m).

– Gain compensation: use the properties screen to subtract a value from the Q, per stage.
This way it allows the Q range on the slider to stay 0 – 10v, and stop/contain the peak overload.

Example values to subtract from Q ( closer to 0 means more overload ):
– Gaincomp2: 6.5
– GainComp3: 7.7
– GainComp4: 8.2
– etc..

– Code optimising.
– Maybe split the Coefficients from the Engine ( like CK his BiQuad system ).


Source 32bit: RH-BiQuad
Source 64bit: RH-BiQuad-64

– Andrew aka Ichad.c (blog)
– Nigel Redmon @ Earlevel.com (used his implementation).
– Chris Townsend @ MusicDSP.org.
– Peter (Scoofy) Schoffhauser, used his musicDSP post for the coefficient calc of the BPF1 type.






Update 19-9-2015:
– Cascade up to 8x
– Added additionkal BPF type ( BPF1 ).
– Added manual “gain compensation”.

Update 10-2-2014:
– Added Adaptive processing.
Credits for this enhancement go out to Andrew @ SESDK usergroup.
He offered his help to implement this, fixed my Many2one problem in the process.
This lowers CPU usage a lot while an input parameter is not streaming.

Update 6-2-2014:
– Downscaled Q a bit.
– Added Cascading: 12,24,36,48dB

Update 5-2-2014:
– Changed some compiler settings, speeds up the module slightly.
– Low value limit set on the Q parameter, to prevent the filter crashing.
– Made some code improvements, and small fixes ( thanks Andrew @ Yahoo Usergroup ).
– Removed the fake blockmode, it didn’t work as planned while using a Manytoone.
When I come up with a fix i’ll reintroduce it..as it does save quite a lot on CPU usage.
– Sleepmode corrected.