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Rezon8 is a 16 filter advanced Resonator bank VSTplugin.
The plugin was made for the KVR Developers Challenge 2006.

Features :
- 16 Stereo Bandpass filters.
- Volume, Panning and Resonance control per filter.
- Frequency range setting per filter.
- Global Frequency control, can be turned on / off per filter.
- Master Section : Dry / Wet control, to adjust how much effect you want.
- Master Section : 1pole Highpass, To filter out unwanted low frequencies.
- Master Section : Volume, adjust the main volume of the outgoing signal.

Note: This plugin is for Windows only.

14 december 2009:
Slightly newer version i never finished and released.
(note: no presets, velo button is useless!).
I'm releasing it because i'm going to recreate the effect,
but with different modules and a new interface.
These versions will be abandoned, but remain as download.

- Link MIDI note-on to Global Freq. Control
(use the knob/MIDI selector right of the Global Freq. Control knob)